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Short Stories

On occasion, I will post or publish short stories I have written. Check them out below! 

The Eyes of Devin MacIntyre (Psychological Thriller - 2017)

“The Washington D.C. Mental Institution is a psychologist’s dream. They house the nation’s most peculiar patients whose illnesses are as of yet unknown. The 

residents are kept under close surveillance 24/7 so scientists like myself can 
determine the issue and try to help.”

Allison Cameron is a psychology major at Washington University in D.C. with a passion for helping the mentally ill. On January 14, 2017, she experienced a trauma that will haunt her memories for the rest of her life. This is her first-hand account of the five disturbing days after being attacked by a patient at the Washington D.C. Mental Institution. This is the story of the terrible mental strain one can sustain after looking into the very eyes of insanity, the eyes of Devin MacIntyre.

The Eyes of Devin MacIntyre is currently the only short story I have written which is published and for sale. Other stories are included in other books or may be posted on my blog.


I have one poetry collection/novella published.

Dear Santa (2020)

Dear Santa is the fictional story of three friends and their intertwined lives as they grow up from children to adults, unfolding through a collection of poetry, prose, and letters to Santa. As the friends face both luck and hardship, moments of time come together to form an ever-compiling narrative, leading up to the ultimate choice on one lonely Christmas Day: Life or death.