Marketplace Mayhem

Happy Friday! This week we had the third impeachment of a U.S. President in the history of the nation. Am I blogging about that? Nah. Instead, I have been finding a lot of weird listings online lately, and they seem to be getting more common. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the most... unique... listings for sale on Facebook.

1. For your Irish Lover?

This heart shaped potato is supposedly priceless. I suppose this would make a great wedding ring replacement if you elope with a leprechaun?

For those of us who know anything about potatoes, this is what we call a "misshapen potato". No offence to the potato, but it's just a regular potato. Nothing special about it. 



This is the creepiest piggy bank I have ever laid eyes on. This is nightmares. I hate it. It's no wonder why the listing was lowered to $25... creepy coin-consuming clowns are not the craze.

But I suppose a creepy clown piggy bank would be good at teaching kids to be... penny-wise. 

The description of the listing, I have to add, was also insane due to one suggestion.

"Would make a unique Christmas gift."

Who do you HATE THAT MUCH?! Who would want to unwrap a pretty box, only to find THIS psycho clown staring up at them?!


Next we have another creepy looking thing...

3. Ah yes... another CLOWN.

Why is there so much creepy clown merch so close to me?

What is this used for? I don't know and I don't care just keep it away from me.

4. An Urn

This next one is the urn I have listed for sale in my Facebook group, Basil's Attic. (Quick Promo Time) I'm selling approximately 75% of my belongings, so if you are on Facebook and interested in buying stuff... join my Facebook group here!

Okay back to other listings I've found...

5. Cat Butt

I censored it out but... Cat Butt Gum? No thanks.


6. Back to Potatoes...

$150 worth of Mr. Potato Head.


Am I the only one wondering why I'd need to buy 10+ potatoes worth of Mr. Potato Head?

I feel like this is excessive.

7. Faceless Dolls

8. Oh look, more unsettling dolls...

The thing I have against this doll, if you haven't guessed, is that it looks like it is being suffocated beneath all that plastic packaging.

I don't even like looking at it because it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable...

Poor child...

9. "For the clown lover (or hater)"...

At least this creepy clown is only $5.

It isn't AS CREEPY as the others, I would give him a 5/10 on the creepy scale. However, this is definitely not something I want staring at me from the shelf.

10. Some more clowns... (Why are there SO many clowns for sale?)

11. Caroline 

When I was younger, I remember my mother had a doll about 12 inches tall that stood in her bedroom doorway.

I hated it so much. It was so creepy.

And now, here is a creepy doll for sale that looks a lot like it...

Thanks Facebook Marketplace, I hate it.

And this one's name is Caroline, which is an inherently creepy name for a doll. Almost as bad as Annabelle or Chucky.


What could I even say about Stumpy the one pegged mannequin?

He's precious and although he's a weird listing, he deserves a nice home.

Stumpy isn't necessarily creepy... maybe a tad, but he's no clown bank, that's for sure.

"Forget Mr. Claus, I AM COMING TO TOWN THIS YEAR!!!"


Well, thanks for reading! Do you agree with my thoughts? Would you buy any of these items? Let us know in the comments below! :)


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Cat Butt Gum

Cast Iron Clown Bank


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Heart-Shaped Potato

Official Disney Potato Head

Vintage "Caroline"

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