About Me

Photo by Teresa's Photography

Basil E. Bacorn is an author, artist, and entrepreneur. He has written and published over ten books, including Geek Gods, The Book of Random Thoughts, The Circle's Problem, and the Dark's Descent Series, and has earned an associate's degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. 

Inspired by legends, fairy tales, classic works, and more, Basil loves adding twists and turns into his writing and putting spins on the stories we all know and love.

Basil is knowledgeable in Adobe Creative Cloud and works as a freelance graphic designer who specializes in logo design and business graphic content. He often uses colored pencils to create realistic works and illustrations as well, with his favorite piece being The Sandwich.

He currently operates several businesses. Learn more about Basil's businesses here!

Basil also hates writing about himself - especially in the third-person. :)


I try to go live on my Facebook page every Friday and post new content on my blog every Saturday. For more about me, check out the Timeline and my FAQ's and Fun Facts page!