About Me

Photo by Teresa's Photography

Basil E. Bacorn, author, artist, and entrepreneur, is a self-proclaimed Creativity Specialist with nearly a decade’s worth of creative endeavors under his belt. From baking to writing to business, Basil has a wide range of interests but by no means is a jack of all trades. His abilities do not cover a number of physical activities such as gymnastics, swimming, and walking without bumping into things, and he is not yet certified to work on cars or represent you in the courtroom. He can, however, bake a tasty cake, write a lovely short story, and teach you a random useless fact you did not ask for.

Basil went to college in Maine where he learned the art of shoveling snow and earned an associate's degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. 

When it comes to writing, Basil is often inspired by legends, fairy tales, classic works, and more. The author of over ten books, including Geek GodsThe Book of Random ThoughtsMothman Goes to School, and the Dark's Descent Series, he has a penchant for adding twists and turns into his writing and putting spins on the stories we all know and love. He is currently working on a few adaptations of some of his favorite fairy tales and classic works of literature.

In art and design, Basil is knowledgeable in Adobe Creative Cloud and works as a freelance graphic designer who specializes in logo design and business graphic content. He also has history of creating realistic illustrations with colored pencils, with his favorite piece being The Sandwich.

Basil has operated a number of businesses, including a bookstore, a publishing company, and several side ventures. He now works as a freelance writer and professional artist!


For more about me, check out the Timeline and my FAQ's and Fun Facts page!