The Book of Random Thoughts (2018) 

If you are looking for a Romance Novel or an Epic Fantasy or basically anything that remotely qualifies as a good use of the English language and a smart use of your time, then sadly, I’m afraid this “book” isn’t for you...


If you are looking for something fun, often witty, and insanely random that is stupidly hilarious, then get out your wallets (or purses or bags or mysterious tattered envelopes), because this is right up your alley! 

The 2nd Book of Random Thoughts (2020)


Looking for the next classic work of literature?

Yeah... this obviously isn’t it.

The second “book” in The Book of Random Thoughts Series, this book is not for your high-level English class essays.

Honestly, having one of these things out is bad enough.

Two? Are you kidding me?

Well, sales speak for themselves I guess...

So welcome to The 2nd Book of Random Thoughts. If you’re still reading, you might as well say the heck with it and buy the book. The title really speaks for itself.

Also 50% of author royalties are being donated to the World Wildlife Fund.