Artwork & Designs

I do some art on occasion. If you are interested in my Graphic Design Portfolio, you can check that out here. If you are interested in my t-shirt lines and designed merchandise, visit Basil E. Bacorn Tee Central here. If you want to see more of my hand-drawn artwork, scroll down.

The Sandwich by Basil E. Bacorn, approx. 14in. x 20in. Colored Pencil Drawing

I use Prismacolor Colored Pencils - they are what I started with and are what I will continue using forever. Prismacolor has a wide array of pigments, and most colors blend together fantastically.

Lily Pad by Basil E. Bacorn, approx. 5in. x 7in. Colored Pencil Drawing

If you like my art, be sure to stop by Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More in Athens, PA! My work is always on display and for sale as part of the Athens Art Wall! Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More in Athens, PA is also the current location of my piece, The Sandwich.

Noble One by Basil E. Bacorn, approx. 4in. x 6in. Colored Pencil Drawing, SOLD

You can also support me by commissioning my work! Be it of a beloved pet, a memorable scene, or possibly a portrait, I would be happy to draw a piece for you!

My Technique

When I draw, I usually start with one or two reference photos. In the case of The Sandwich, I took over 150 photographs of a chicken sandwich purchased from a local convenience store before even beginning.

After getting an idea of what I want to draw, I start the first layer. My works typically consist of 3-5 layers. The first layer is about getting color and shapes on the paper. The second and third forms those shapes and colors into figures. The fourth layer is detail work and the fifth layer are the finishing touches. 

Obviously, the process varies depending on the project, but a single work can take me anywhere from 12 hours and up to complete. The longest time spent on a single work I have ever done was The Sandwich, which took me approximately 270 hours over the course of three months to complete.

If you have any questions about my work, don't hesitate to reach out on social media or email me at Licensing inquires can be directed to Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises here.

Follow my Insta, @basilebacorn, which I try to keep updated with my projects.