Children's Lit

Mothman Goes to School (2021)

A cute picture book for Mothman enthusiasts young and old!

Now published by Quarrier Press and distributed by the West Virginia Book Company!

It’s the first day of kindergarten for everyone’s favorite cryptid Mothman, and he is so excited. That is, until he realizes he’s going to a human school! Follow little Mothman’s misadventures as he tries to make friends with his classmates and fit in at a school where he is the only monster around.

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Plant. (2020)

Plant lives a happy life and loves his owner. But when a very sad day rolls in and throws Plant’s life into a world where the sunshine can’t reach him, this little houseplant finds himself alone and scared. After some time though, Plant soon learns that the tough times don’t last forever, and sometimes all it takes is a little help to get back up and grow.

This is a story about love and loss, told through the eyes of a small potted plant as he goes through a time of difficult and frightening changes.

The Circle's Problem (2016)

It is a happy, sunny day in Shapesville and three friends are playing in the park. Meet Circle, Square, and Triangle in this colorful picture book about one round shape's journey to self-confidence in being different. With its Parent's Learning Guide, The Circle's Problem will teach your child colors, shapes, and a lesson that will last a lifetime.