My Trade-Up Trial #1

In 2005, a man named Kyle MacDonald posted a picture of one red paperclip to trade it for something bigger and better. In just 14 trades, MacDonald went from one red paperclip to a whole entire house. I read about this on Wikipedia after seeing a short video about what he did. Well, after weeks and weeks of the thought occasionally popping into my head, I decided to do the inevitable: Try my own "Trade-Up Trial."

I want to see if I can trade my way to a house (or something of similar value to a house.)

One White Paperclip

I have to admit, it was more difficult than I thought it would be to find a single paperclip in my possession, but I found one and am ready to go. One white paperclip, pictured above, is what I will be starting with. My mission is to make trade after trade until I get to a fully-paid-for house. I don't think I will be able to do it in 14 trades like Kyle MacDonald did, but we will see. I think this will be a fun adventure, and hopefully, it ends with a house! :) 

If you want to make a trade, send me an email to! Willing to trade for any item of more value than a single paperclip, whatever that may be.


Feel free to drop a comment below! Thanks for reading! 

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