The Best and Worst of My Twitter

I don't know how long I've been on Twitter, but my usage of the app is like the tide: sometimes I never use it, and other times I will flood my profile with dozens of tweets. Recently, for example, I have been using it and looking through my old tweets. After some searching, I have come up with the best and worst (but mostly worst) moments of my time on Twitter through the years.

(The last one though...)

1. The One I Don't Even Remember

I do not remember the context of this tweet, but apparently in high school, I once threw playing cards at my AP Calc teacher? I'm not a violent person, so I have to assume there were no hard feelings. I seriously don't remember this happening though...

2. That Time I Tagged EVERYONE

This Twitter thread of mine accomplished nothing. In my defense, what else was I supposed to do? My enter key was apparently broken.

3. The One Where the Guy from my High School Spanish Class Videos Replied

This one requires some more context. Basically, Señor Jordan was the guy in the educational YouTube videos that my high school Spanish teacher showed us in class. In one video, he kept calling a cartoon alligator ugly, so I tweeted at him. I didn't expect the response though.

4. The Time the Author Saw My Book Review

I had written a book review for one of my AP English summer reading books, and the author saw it and was very nice.

5. The Time I Talked About My Google Search History

This was when I was writing Geek Gods. If you want to know why I was researching periods for a book about the Greek gods turning into teenagers, well, feel free to buy a copy here and find out for yourself! 😉 

6. The Time I Interpreted the U.S. Constitution

I mean, I know it's unlikely for that to happen, but it's not like an animal hasn't run for office before. In 2016, Limberbutt McCubbins the cat ran for president and, in 2008, Molly the dog ran. (Source) Regardless, I doubt that a flimsy technicality such as the one in my Twitter thread would hold up in the courts.

7. Last But Not Least... The Time a Famous Author Retweeted Me... Because I Thought She Was Dead.

I had to do a double-take when S.E. Hinton's name had popped up in my notifications. S.E. Hinton, for those who don't know, is the author of the book, The Outsiders. The one with Ponyboy and Sodapop that was turned into a movie in 1983. I really enjoyed the book... and was really, really embarrassed when the author retweeted my tweet about her being dead... whoops.


That's it for that! Are you on Twitter? Follow me @basilebacorn! And feel free to let loose in the comments below! Thanks for reading! :)

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