Basil's 2019 Gift Guide

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It is the beginning of December, which means for those of us who haven't finished their Christmas shopping a year in advance, the clock is ticking. But have no fear, Christmas King Basil is here! It is time for my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide featuring a few of the coolest companies and products I have found that would make great holiday gifts!

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Gifts $10 and Under

Fred Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser

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This happy boy wants to make you tea! This is the perfect gift for that tea-lover in your life!

"Of Course!" book of riddles

Brainteasers are the best, and this book is only $9.95!

Gifts Under $50

4Ocean Bracelets
4Ocean is a great company that makes bracelets from recycled ocean litter, each bracelet sold funding the removal of one pound of waste from our oceans. Each bracelet is $20, and I love them and their mission. 10/10 

Vanguard Maple Plasticware 

Vanguard Maple Plastic Bowl 7 "
These dishes are cool and sustainable and made in the USA. "We've taken out 30% of the plastic and replaced it with organic materials. Sawdust, to be exact, from US furniture mills and window factories. This is combined with safe, certified clean plastic pellets to make our bowls."

I haven't tried these dishes yet, but I plan on stopping by Kelly & Ko to get a better look, and will update this post when I do.

Blanket Scarf

Beautifull Boundaries Blanket Scarf
A SCARF that is ALSO A BLANKET. "This beautiful cashmere like blanket scarf is made of a beautiful Acrylic-wool blend that feels like soft cashmere against your face. Super comfortable, fashionable and warm for fall and winter! These handmade scarves are approximately 55x55 inches in size and have naturally frayed edges. Hand-wash if possible in cold water (light wash) and hang to dry (or tumble dry)."

Gifts for Kids

Green Toys 

Green Toys are the perfect gift for little ones! They have toys for babies and tots, and are amazing. The toys are made from recycled milk jugs and are incredibly durable. Not to mention, they are safe and free of BPA/Phthalates/PVC! These made in the USA children's toys are so awesome, I MAY have started a stash of them for the day that I have kids of my own. 10/10 children's toys.

Gifts for Teens

The Sketchbook Project 


Give the artist in your life the opportunity to be part of a global art library! 

"Order a sketchbook, fill it up, and send it back to us to be a part of the world’s largest collection of artist sketchbooks! Every participant is sent the same 5x7'' blank custom sketchbook. Each book will be given a unique six-digit barcode so we can easily catalog it into Brooklyn Art Library's system.

Once we catalog it, you’ll be able to track where your book travels and how often it is viewed - we want to make sure you can stay connected with your sketchbook!"

The site also sells art supplies that you can include with the sketchbook to give it that extra touch.

Harveys Seatbelt Bags 


These things are expensive but cool. They are made from seatbelts and look so cool. I want one. I think...

Basil's Picks (A.K.A. Stuff I Want) 

Now I think all of these products are cool so far, but these next three are the things that I myself would be asking Santa for this holiday season!

Big Blanket 


This is a 120" x 120" blanket and I want one. This is an elephant-sized blanket, big enough for two sumo wrestlers. "Big enough for the whole family!" says the website, but let's be honest... we are all just looking forward to getting lost in one of these.

They are also coming out with a WEIGHTED VERSION?!?! 

I want to just have a cup of egg nog and disappear under my expensive Big Blanket while binging Christmas movies and eating gingerbread men. 


Rareform creates one-of-a-kind repurposed vinyl billboard bags and accessories. Give a gift as unique as your recipient! I love Rareform and use mine all the time. They have such a wide selection! 

BONUS! I am a Rareform Rep, meaning you can get 20% off your order with the code BASIL20 on! (I will make a commission off those sales, so thank you if you use the code!) 

Book of the Month Subscription 

Yes. A Book a Month Subscription. Perfect for the reader who can't decide what to read next. There are different lengths of subscriptions, but this company allows you to purchase a gift subscription, making everything way easier!


Thanks for reading my 2019 Gift Guide! Feel free to buy me everything on this list ;)

Love these products? Sound off in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

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