I'm Resigning From My Position as Publisher of Basil E. Bacorn Publishing

Over the past few years, Basil E. Bacorn Publishing has continuously put out books and I have always been heavily involved in that process. It was a big passion of mine for awhile, but then things changed. I found myself not operating at my best. I have had multiple hospital visits over the past year or so and if it's not one thing it's another.  

With all that and so many other complications and goings on, my passion for the job has come to an end.

That is why I've decided to resign from my position as publisher and remain primarily on the Board of Officers. I'll help out with publishing as needed, but leave the majority of work to my successor.

I want to give myself more time. Time to make things and write without the guilt of "oh, I should be spending my time with this or that instead." Maybe I'll start drawing again, who knows, but I'll give myself the time to have that as an option. As the current publisher, I typically work in excess of sixty hours a week. I don't have a set schedule and don't have any budgeted hours, which makes it easy for the one job to take up my entire life.

I love books and love writing, but I feel it's time for me to step aside for someone with a stronger drive and passion for the publishing world. And then I can follow my other passions again.

I've had a great time as publisher, and it gave me a lot of valuable experience which I believe will carry over to my future ventures - including my new role with the company as the Director of our new Content Development Department. We are planning to take a more hands-on approach in adaptations, including a possible animated series based on my Dark's Descent Series and an animated Christmas musical film that I have based on an old, unpublished manuscript of mine. We will continue to work to license works to outside parties as well, and are looking forward to our renewed focus in doing so.

In my place, I am leaving the Vice President of my company, Morgan La Batt, as Interim Publisher. I have faith that she'll be able to handle the responsibility and lead the daily business operations with success. She will be officially taking over the position on January 1, 2022.

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