2020 Election - My Thoughts and Presidential Endorsement

There is less than 45 days before the U.S. 2020 Election on November 3rd, the day that millions of voters across the country will be deciding on the next president of the United States. There are four main candidates to consider, with the most focus being on Biden vs. Trump. In addition to the two more well-known candidates to consider, there is also Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgenson and Green Candidate Howie Hawkins. Jorgenson and Hawkins are running third-party campaigns, which puts them both at a disadvantage due to the U.S.'s strong two-party system. I am a big supporter of third party candidates and believe that gate-keeping ballot access and debates from third parties is wrong. Political affiliation should not hinder a candidate's ability to run for office. That being said, I wanted to be sure to mention them in this post.

I think something we all can agree on, despite political differences, is that this year has been chaotic. Wildfires, hurricanes, protests, politics, COVID-19, and lockdown - it seems as if these days we are always one disaster away from the apocalypse. It is so hard to remain optimistic. During times like these though, it is imperative to stay positive and keep moving forward. As long as hope exists, the world is not doomed. I constantly remember the words of Mr. Rogers, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." That is what hope is, being able to help in times of darkness. If you are helping, you believe that helping is worth the struggle, and that belief that the world will get better, that the helping is worth it because the world will get better, is what keeps hope, optimism, and positivity alive.

This year, voters of this nation will face many choices at the ballot box, and although I don't know how many of you will read this, I feel obligated to post on the matter. 

Pennsylvania is a swing-state in our electoral college system, which means that every vote here happens to be especially important. Whichever candidate wins this commonwealth is one big step closer to winning the presidential election of 2020. In 2008 and 2012, Pennsylvania went to Barack Obama and in 2016 the state went to Donald Trump. In 46 of 57 elections (about 80% of the time), the winner of Pennsylvania is the next President of the United States. So, for all my fellow Pennsylvanians, and anyone else who may be reading this, here are my thoughts.

Throughout my life so far, I have always strived to be a good person. Kindness and respect for others is tremendously important to me and I believe true strength is found in compassion and empathy. The Office of the Presidency is one that represents our country's morals and dignity, and the person who holds it has a duty to be a kind, compassionate, and strong leader who is professional, authentic, and honest. Our government is meant to be one of the people, by the people, and for the people, and our president should be a force that unites us together. No human is perfect, nothing ever is, but we in the United States of America deserve a president that is accountable to the people and accepts responsibility for their mistakes, as well as a government that will call them out when they don't. For these reasons, and the reasons to follow, I will be voting for Joe Biden this November, and I encourage you all to do so as well.

Donald Trump mocks and demeans anyone who he sees as the enemy, which is anyone who offers the slightest criticism. He makes it his job to divide the nation instead of uniting it, and shows respect to virtually no one but himself. He even continued to insult the late Republican senator and veteran John McCain, after McCain died in 2018. We don't deserve better; we deserve the best. And while the best may not currently be an option, we can still do better than Donald J. Trump.

In addition, Joe Biden is far from being a "radical liberal", for those of you who may be worried about that. For instance, he doesn't support defunding the police. He also doesn't support raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year (which is most of, if not everyone, reading this). All of his policy proposals are detailed on his campaign website here, for anyone interested in reading further information. 

I have also been seeing support for the third party candidates, and I will never voter shame anyone considering voting for a third party. I checked their policies and the biggest reason Jo Jorgenson was an automatic "no" for me was that she wants to abolish the minimum wage and eliminate all wage standards. This was only the main reason I could not support her campaign, but there are other policy differences she holds that also are not compatible with my positions. Regarding my reason for choosing Joe Biden over the Green candidate, frankly, it has to do with the fact that Howie Hawkins has not been able to obtain ballot access in all 50 states which makes it much, much harder for him to even have a chance at winning enough electoral college votes to secure a presidential victory. With that in mind, I have decided to put my support behind the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

If you are reading this, I assume you must be at least somewhat open-minded regarding the upcoming election and I thank you for hearing me out. Being a writer, I could go on much longer and in much more detail to reiterate my point, but I do feel like I've said enough to cover the basics and get my point across. I definitely don't agree with everything Biden says, and I will certainly call him out if as president he does something he shouldn't, but the bottom line is that our nation deserves someone who leads with kindness and compassion, and not division and hate. Many Trump supporters are happy to fly flags that say, "Make Liberals Cry Again" and endorse other hateful beliefs, and many of these slogans and beliefs are supported and even encouraged by Donald Trump and his campaign. That is not what the leader of the free world should be doing. We are all human beings, we all deserve kindness and respect, and we all should be doing our part to make the world a more positive place, as opposed to one of hate and division. 

I hope you will join me in voting for Joe Biden this November. Thank you for reading. :)

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