My Alphabetic Resume Challenge Part One: Introduction

I do a lot of stuff and meet a lot of people. One thing I tell those I meet is how I have yet to work for anyone else, and that I hope to keep it that way. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and that is what I want to do. My resume is just a history of businesses I've started and freelance projects I've done, and even my college degree is in "Business and Entrepreneurship." But that got me thinking: Why not gamify my resume?

I love experiencing new things and going on adventures. If I can do something new, and maybe make money while doing it, why not? Experiences and my real-life adventures are some of the things that help inspire my writing and there are so many jobs out in the world that can give me those adventures. Because of that, I have decided to take on a new challenge. 

I'm calling it "My Alphabetic Resume Challenge". 

The Challenge

The challenge rules are:
  • I have to build a resume of 26 jobs and work experiences (one for each letter of the English alphabet), in alphabetic and chronological order (see third bullet point for more info). 
  • Each job must be held for a minimum of one day (I'm only doing a one-day minimum because I have my own businesses to run, which are my main source of income. I also don't know how willing potential employers are to hire someone who is turning their resume into a game.) I'm definitely allowed to do it longer if I so choose, but it has to be for at least one day in order to count.
  • The jobs must be arranged chronologically by the date of the first day of work and must be in alphabetical order. Each job has to be a job I haven't done prior to any of the previous jobs. (Example: If a Dietician job starts on Jan. 1st, 2020, then an Engineer job would have to start on Jan. 2nd, 2020 or later for it to count. And because I've already been a Website Designer, that job wouldn't count for the letter 'W' because I haven't done the previous letters yet.) 
  • If I choose to "freelance" a job as opposed to having an employer, then I have to be compensated by a client or actually have an experience of being in that position in order for it to count. So if for the letter 'P' I wanted to be a party planner, I'd have to either be hired to plan a party or actually plan and host a party. I can't simply say "Yes, this is my new business. It counts on the resume." It has to be an actual experience in that specific job role. (No cheating!)

And according to the rules, my first two jobs are already done!

A is for Author (2016-Present)
B is for Bookseller (Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, & More 2018- 2019, Five Dollar Books 2020-Present)

That leaves 24 remaining jobs and work experiences left to do, with the letter 'C' up next!

Pre-Challenge Thoughts

I want to try and aim for entry-level jobs to make things easier. My biggest challenge, I think, will be trying to find employers who are willing to hire me for a VERY temporary position. Of course, the jobs don't HAVE to be temporary, that's up to me, but still. It's something I have to consider. 

I am looking forward to new experiences, though. As a writer, it is much easier to "write what you know", so this should be a nice opportunity to expand my horizons. 

How long will this challenge last? That I don't know. I don't even know if I'll be able to make it all the way through. I am going to try my best, though, and my goal is to complete the challenge by December 31, 2021.

I will keep track of my Alphabetic Resume on its own page of the website and will link to it at the end of each Alphabetic Resume Challenge blog post. That way, all the posts of the challenge are easily accessible from one page and my "Resume" is easy to update.

With that said, I for one hope my challenge experience is fun, unique, and educational. There's a whole world of job possibilities to give a try, after all. I guess it's just up to me to pick the good ones...


Thanks for reading! What jobs should I give a try? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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