2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Endorsement

Since I wrote my first book and got into the world of entrepreneurship, I have stayed away from politics on a public level. I would occasionally talk about my beliefs and values on a personal level, but this year my philosophy has changed. 2020 will be the first presidential election in which I am able to vote, and I am so excited to be able to cast my ballot this year.  

For years my dream for my business has been to grow and expand so that I am able to do more for those who need it. I know I will never be a billionaire, not only because it is unlikely, but because I would never let myself collect such a fortune and not do everything in my power to help the world be a better place. I believe in community, and in human empathy. I believe in protecting the environment and doing what we can to ensure the United States is a land where no one should be too poor to live, and where the American dream is a true reality. 

We need leaders who have empathy and exhibit these values. Due to this, I am endorsing and supporting Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary. Bernie Sanders has a long history of fighting for civil rights. He believes that healthcare is a human right and that in order to protect the planet for future generations we must act now. And like myself, Bernie Sanders believes that it is basic human empathy that demands billionaires pay their fair share to support the less fortunate.

If you haven’t voted in the primaries yet, please go out and support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. I plan on doing so during the Pennsylvania primary on April 28. Thank you. :)

 - Basil E. Bacorn

Primary Dates Alphabetically:

Alaska – April 4
Arizona – March 17
Connecticut – April 28
D.C. – June 2
Delaware – April 28
Florida – March 17
Georgia – March 24
Hawaii – April 4
Idaho – March 10
Illinois – March 17
Indiana – May 5
Kansas – May 2
Kentucky – May 19
Louisiana – April 4
Maryland – April 28
Michigan – March 10
Mississippi – March 10
Missouri – March 10
Montana – June 2
Nebraska – May 12
New Jersey  – June 2
New Mexico – June 2
New York – April 28
North Dakota – March 10
Ohio – March 17
Oregon – May 19
Pennsylvania – April 28
Rhode Island – April 28
South Dakota – June 2
Washington – March 10
West Virginia – May 12
Wisconsin – April 7
Wyoming – April 4

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