Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More: What's Going On?

Hello! I'm back with an announcement of sorts regarding my retail business, Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More. I started the store almost two years ago in January of 2018 as a part of the Jay Mart Mall in Athens, PA. From there it grew, ultimately ending up in its own storefront location with a display in the Wellsboro Mini Mall in Wellsboro, PA as well.

As some of you may know, the Three Musketeers Shopping Center is slated to be going in the storefront my business is currently occupying. In this post, I figured I wanted to outline where I am in my thought process at this point in time.

At the end of this post will be a list of links for more information regarding various things mentioned.

Is the store closing?

Maybe. I have been debating it.

I love the products I sell, and I love the community. I love owning a retail store, but I have recently felt a kind of stagnant feeling that has pervaded my retail life. Slow days feel even slower, and sales reports look disheartening. 

I'm getting bored, almost, I feel.

With that being said, yes, my store may be closing. The other two paths I am looking into are 1) moving to Ithaca, NY, and 2) selling the business. 

I have always had faith in my hometown of Athens, PA, so no matter what I choose, I refuse to leave my Athens storefront empty, hence why I have decided to replace my business with the Three Musketeers Shopping Center.

If the store closes, I plan to get the products we currently stock sold by fellow local businesses because I love these brands and want them to continue being available wherever possible. 

If I choose to move my business to Ithaca, I will have a post with more information regarding that go up on the store's website and will add the link to the list at the end of this post.

If the store closes, what about the Athens BookFest?

Regardless of what happens with Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More, the Athens BookFest is happening as long as I have a say in it. If the store closes, the BookFest will be put on by Basil E. Bacorn Publishing and organized by Basil E. Bacorn Productions.

What's Basil E. Bacorn Productions?

My new event planning company! Basil E. Bacorn Productions will be my new "main" business in the event I sell or close Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More. I love event planning, and I have said for a while that I would love to be an event planner. So I am excited for that!

With that, feel free to sound off in the comments on what you think I should do! Thanks for reading!


(If any of the links are broken or go to the wrong place, please just send an email to and let me know. Thanks!)

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