Thank you for reading Area 51! I see you've found the secret link!

Hi! Basil E. Bacorn here with this special page just for you!
I hoped you liked my book, Area 51, and are looking forward to A Candle in the Wind! I made this page for readers like you who are curious enough to scan the mysterious code at the end of the book. Here, I have posted secret content about Area 51 just for you. Similar pages are created for most of my other works, also accessible only through the back of the book.

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Dark's Descent: The Musical?

You 've read the book, what about the songs? "My Sweet Baby" wasn't the only song lyrics I wrote!

On a side note, if you compose music and would want to write this musical with me, send me a demo please! 
(basil [AT] basilebacorn [DOT] com)

Anyway, here are some lyrics I wrote for Dark's Descent: The Musical!
Emoji's Descent?

I was bored one day and started translating the first edition of Dark's Descent into emoji...

I regret nothing.

I never finished it, but why should that stop you from seeing it? You finished the book so I think you deserve this emoji translation.

I present to you: Emoji's Descent!
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