Geek Gods

Outcast Cait Fields knew she was the only one at Godley Area High School that knew the new kids hadn’t been there all along. Math geek Zeke Bolton knew he was a god, but without his thunder bolt, he was powerless to do anything about it.

When Cait confronts Zeke, the two instantly butt heads on their mission to find out what happened and how to fix it. Cait thinks Zeke is either insane or messing with her, and Zeke feels that a mortal has no business in the lives of the gods.

But when their first student of interest, internet sensation and possible goddess of love and beauty Alice Cunningham, livestreams her suicide after a disaster interaction with Cait and Zeke, the two realize that the only way their questions will be answered is if they work together.

Having to remind the other five new students of their godly identities, find Zeke’s thunder bolt, and identify the mysterious man tracking their every move, Cait and Zeke will have to learn to put their differences aside before these geek gods become geeks for good.
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