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What is Patreon?
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Short Answer: A patronage platform...

Short Answer: It allows me to offer more free content...

That's fine but...

Patreon works by patrons like you offering small payments to creators like me, in order for creators to be able to create more, while still surviving ​life.​ 

I've decided that in order to get you interested, I should do something big. That is why, if and only if I get 100 loyal patrons on Patreon, I will do a hilarious (and kind of embarrassing for me) live lip-sync concert of some of my Writing Tunes that I listen to. I'll gather a list and you will vote!
Make me get my lip-sync on!
By becoming a patron, not only are you helping me and allowing me to create free content such as my upcoming blog series, Twinstinct, but you are also getting rewarded in return. Depending on which reward tier you pick, you could get anything from access to my patron-only content feed to your own character in one of my works!
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