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    Ever found out you were adopted? Imagine finding out that your birthmother is an evil sorceress from another realm! That is exactly what happened to Cassandra Smith, also known as Cassie, when she was 16. Before you get to that, you first read the events leading up to her true adventure in Part One. Then the two realms collide in an epic battle between good and evil, love and hate, not only outside, but also inside Cassie's head. Follow in her mother's footsteps to take over the realms, or fight against her to stay with her friends and loved ones here on Earth?
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    The sequel to Dark’s Descent, Sealing Death is the story of the adventure teen sorceress Cassie Smith endures on her way to the dreaded Death Realm. To save Reality from the most feared beast in existence, the Scarrcedenhogg, Cassie must fight against the odds to undo the terrible deed. Unleashed by her birthmother’s wrath, the Scarrcedenhogg is back from Death… And hungry. When no being can die and a beast is slaughtering every realm in its path, can Cassie and her friends make it through the crack in reality as a united front to save the day? Or will selfishness and lies keep them from sealing Death?
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    Almost six months after sealing Death, Cassie and her friends gather in Everlanon for Prince William’s celebratory ball, where unexpected problems arise. Stunned by the news of an unmentioned uncle who may be the true heir, Will is forced to leave his kingdom in the hands of a stranger when a new darkness emerges: Charlie Myers. Following Charlie’s path of destruction, Cassie and her friends must piece together the puzzle pieces before Charlie’s next strike. Trying their hardest, however, may not be enough when Charlie uses his magic to transport them all to Metusonite, the Realm of Fear, where each must face their biggest fear, or die. Will they be successful in bringing Charlie back into the light, or will the darkness in control consume Charlie forever and slaughter them all?
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    Teenage sorceress Cassie Smith is at it again in this fourth installment of the Dark’s Descent Series containing the most dangerous road trip this world has seen. After Cassie and her friends receive an unrequited visit from an old foe, things take an unexpected turn when power and energy alike begin to be stolen by a new one. To make matters worse, the group gets a mission from the most powerful military force on Earth: Area 51. Now on the run from two determined agents and unable to use magic, Cassie must work with friends new and old to stop the true enemy before her time runs out.
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    It has happened. The Mother-Daughter Disruption has been enacted. Reality is crumbling and it is all Cassie Smith’s fault... she just can’t remember. Things are never what they seem in this fifth book of the Dark’s Descent Series. Old foes, new foes, and forgotten foes all return in this epic mission to save all existence from total destruction. Cassie now has only three years to find a way to reverse the curse before it is too late, and in a Reality where time literally flies away, Cassie and her friends must act fast to figure out who is controlling this New Reality, and more importantly, if they can be stopped.
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    A force beyond compare is on its way. It is malicious, malevolent, and even more despicable than Darkness. As predicted by the Magus Prophecies long ago, the Greatest Evil is rising and its sights are now set on the one being destined to defeat it: the Maxime Magus. She is determined to get her mother back. It was after reversing the Mother-Daughter Disruption that Cassie realized Susan Smith was gone, and months later she is still nowhere to be found. Her deepest fear: Susan will be lost forever, just like Skyler Gledhill. The woman with an empire has been tracing her target since the day it was born. Gathering together those defeated, this old tycoon is uniting her followers against a common enemy: Cassandra Alice Smith. Fated to happen since before time itself, Cassandra Alice Smith will meet her match in this fast-paced finale to the Dark’s Descent Series. Everything has led up to this moment. Three paths. Two books. And one ending that no one will see coming.
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